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WHITE MILANO – sede uffici via Tortona 27 – 20144 Milano – press@whiteshow.it – www.whiteshow.it– tel 02/34 59 27 85
WHITE Milano, the leading tradeshow for contemporary fashion, is rapidly expanding abroad and
debuting, in the German market thanks to the partnership with ITA – Italian Trade Agency within
the prestigious framework of the Italian Embassy in Berlin through a special event on November
17th, from 19.00 to 22.00. North Europe and Germany are growing and strategic countries for
WHITE, which aims to reach the german audience of fashion insiders.
The show “IT’S TIME TO WHITE” brings abroad a taste of the tradeshow’s brand mix including
established Italian brands and more upcoming designers, in order to promote the Italian
contemporary fashion companies worldwide through special fashion events conceived to
attract international press and buyers. A selection of the most interesting Italian brands will be
protagonist with a live modelling performance. Thanks to this happening the international buyers
and press will have the chance to discover the new contemporary trends and the reason why it is
so important to visit WHITE Milano, the only fashion tradeshow that totally renews itself at every
edition with over 200 new entries, thus confirming WHITE’s relentless scouting activity aimed at
always offering buyers avant-garde proposals.
“Over the last few years, M.Seventy has invested on growth by developing an investment plan to
enhance WHITE as a brand – rather as merely as a tradeshow – through communication projects
with a cultural twist, aiming to make WHITE increasingly international. Thanks to ITA – Italian
Trade Agency we will present WHITE’s brand mix with a series of events in strategic markets,
such as the Far East and North Europe with the most avant-garde designers and the Italian
contemporary businesses representing the tradeshow’s success stories” so commented Brenda
Bellei Bizzi, CEO of WHITE
For the Berlin event – in addition to the special evening with informal modelling performance in
the ball room of the prestigious Italian Embassy – WHITE has selected some designers with a
more avant-garde twist and conceptual approach to fashion which might better match with the
german taste. Thinking about the relationships between Italy and Germany WHITE hosts for the
opening talk three designers invited as guest speakers, who are rooted to the German capital.
Two Italian designers Lulù Poletti from Melampo and Ludovica Diligu founder of Labo. Art have
both chosen to be based in Berlin, while the Berlin designer Simone Vera Bath has moved to live
and produce in Rome, who will share her experience as winner of the brand accelerator contest
Time Award powered by WHITE.
The history of Melampo boasts a two-generation craftsmanship heritage which has been turned
into a new brand by the two sisters and Lulù and Anna Poletti, the direct descendants turned the
family-run company. Melampo weaves together material from different disciplines: architecture,
photography, tailoring, and entrepreneurship. They recently opened a flagship store in Berlin.
WHITE MILANO – sede uffici via Tortona 27 – 20144 Milano – press@whiteshow.it – www.whiteshow.it– tel 02/34 59 27 85
A story between Milan and Berlin, as happened for Labo.Art, that studies the volumes and their
role in space expressed through the architectural design of the single piece of clothing. Labo.art’s
production is of the highest “Made in Italy” standards, but its creative headquarters are in Berlin,
the European centre of contemporary cultural experimentation, in an old liqueur factory right in
the throbbing heart of the gallery district.
Last but not least Simone Vera Bath, born and raised in Berlin, who works with precious materials
such as gold, diamonds and bronze that are tempered by the use of wood and other core materials.
This union results in a continuous redefinition of contrast and balance, clearly evident in her
finished work. Three designers representative of a new minimalistic wave and fruitfull exchange
betwenn Italy and Germany. Among the other success stories showcasing at WHITE Milan that
will be on show during the Berlin event it has to be mentioned Lucio Vanotti and Stefano Mortari
outfits which will be completed by the shoes by Peter Non and Manfredi Manara, up to the
sophisticated bags by Giancarlo Petriglia.
Designers on show – Modelling Performance
Apparel: Lucio Vanotti – Labo.Art – Melampo –Stefano Mortari
Accesories: Manfredi Manara – Giancarlo Petriglia – Peter Non – Simone Vera Bath

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