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  /  Legend of the stones

legend of the stones

Types of precious stones, dimensions and relative colors:

small stones

Ruby (red)

Emerald (green)

Sapphire (blue)

Aquamarine (light blue)

Black Diamond (black)

Brown Diamond (brown)

White Sapphire (white)

Citrine Quartz (yellow)

Big stones

Topaz (yellow)

Agate (different colors)

Garnet (red)

Quartz (different colors)


Garnet (red) on the left e quartz crystal (white) on the right.

Praseolite (greenish) on the left e citrine quartz (yellow) on the right.

From left to right: garnet (red), praseolite (greenish), smoky topaz (brown), quartz (pink).

Duralite (black) on the left e topaz (light blue) on the right.

Duralite (black) on the left e duralite (white) on the right.

tourmaline (green) at the top, topaz (light blue) in the middle e smoky topaz (brown) at the bottom.

Smoky topaz (brown).