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About me

Simone Bath was born in Berlin and having grown up in a city that was broken into two, she has always felt a deep desire to heal the divisions of history.
The environment in which she was raised together with her strong and determined spirit has had a profound impact on all of her creations. Her jewelry emanates imperfection, transformation, contrast and playfulness. This fused with precious and impressive materials  give her pieces their unique specialness and, above all individuality.
‘When you look at something, what matters more than the object itself is how you look at it.’
It is in the discriminatory quality of the look that influences the way in which the observed object is perceived and, in turn, the way in which it looks back at the observer.
Simone Vera Bath design and work with a mix of material gold, silver, bronze diamonds, precious stones that match with, leather, wood, semi-precious stones. Entirely handmade .
SVB specially loves rings, always protagonists in her creations in a variety of designs. Her interest is actually focused upon hands and what they can express in body language, sometimes unconsciously. Far more than simple ornaments, rings become often part of the message that hands communicate. They can be used to assert power or status, but also love or fear for the unknown when they are worn as talismans.
Little insets, clover-shaped engravings, small skulls, and other decors create a medieval look, but with a very contemporary flair, connotes the line both for women and men.
Also the shape is something that SVB deals with from unconventional point of views. Rings that are not circular but rather squared,triangels like the one decorated by a bronze seal or a skull with small rubies and precious stones in the eye sockets.
Geometrical designs, circles and squares, are also the essential shapes chosen for a new series of rings, earrings and necklace chains in silver or bronze decorated by red carnelians or black onyx stones. The glossy polished surface of the stones is in contrast with the rough surface of the metal, crafted by SVB with a special smearing technique that intentionally leaves it as unfinished, even though actually finished and accomplished in their design. It's the idea that imperfections make the object unique, never exactly replicable. In SVB's concept, minimalism can be trascended going beyond the perfectly polished surfaces and the defectless finishings. SVB crafts metal also with lost wax castings that make it look scarred, with marks unevenly reflecting light and feeling conspicuous to the touch. The result is an object that has a lived-in appearance but also a contemporary, edgy design. SVB is inspired by signs and symbols derived from a personal iconography. Water and the sea, as the elements at the origin of life, are a source of inspiration for pendants, necklaces, bracelets and cuff-links with designs of fish and shells.
The mythology is always present in SVB's work because related to the topos of the Amazon woman, strong, independent and in free relationship with nature.
Her personal approach to creativity in which inspiration is linked to the spiritual positive forces ruling over the universe.

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